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The Project

Community Action Pioneer Valley (CAPV) is one of the largest anti-poverty agencies in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, yet their current site lacks a visual brand continuity and the ability for users to easily navigate the services offered at CAPV.


Using approved wireframes, Common Media will build the new CAPV website in a new instance of WordPress, using standard and custom content types (posts and pages), themed using existing CAPV styles.

My Role: Lead designer, QC tester | Timeline: 12 weeks

Visual Design

As part of development planning, Common Media will create a visual design style guide for the WordPress website, following the Community Action Branding Guide.

Original CAPV Colors

Original CAPV Site Font


Added Colors

No original design will be created for the new site — existing site styles will be consolidated and re-created for the new site.

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 11.10.51 AM.png

Page Types (Templates)

The new WordPress site will be developed to include the following page types/templates:

  1. Homepage (unique, one instance)

  2. Sector landing

  3. Program

  4. Basic page


The goal for the wireframes were to reorganize the site so users can navigate it by service, as opposed to department, as it is currently structured.




Sector Landing



Design Rounds

Two rounds of design with one round of design critiques were implemented.

The second design round is implemented as the final for desktop.



Sector Landing






Mobile Prototype

Finally (kinda)

Since the designs are finalized, the developer on my team is creating the CAPV site in WordPress. Once they're done, I will go through 2-3 rounds of QC before delivering the final site to the client.

Through this process of being the lead designer of a website redesign, I've learned that having more than two design rounds  an lead to many a crossed eye! Because the original site was designed in Wix, completely creating a brand new site in WordPress changed up how my initial wireframes got made into the first mockup screens. I was taking into consideration Wix's design limitation at the time and then adjusted the designs to be more of what the client wanted in terms of usability.

Once the site it complete, I will post the link here. For now, below is the final design for the desktop prototype.

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